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Employment Law

Braverman Mediation & Consulting offers Alternative Dispute Remedies customized and tailored specifically for conflicts and issues that often arise in work place and employment environments which can easily escalate into allegations and claims without quick neutral intervention. The first step in evaluating whether employment law mediation is right for you is to assess your situation by answering these questions:
  1. Has the conflict/issue gotten “personal” where employees, managers and/or corporate officers are blaming people?
  2. Are Human Resource Directors/personnel and/or Corporate Officers weary of the conflict/issues continuing to surface despite best efforts to resolve them?
  3. Have multiple complaints come forward from the same or multiple departments that appear to connect through one or more people?
  4. Have employees mentioned or threatened to “have their attorney or the EEOC/DFEH get involved?”
  5. Have you received unexpected visits from Cal OSHA, DFEH, EEOC, the CA labor commissioner, or some other administrative agency?

If any or all of these questions can be answered affirmatively, your situation may be ideal for the early detection and early intervention of neutral mediation services. Do not allow indecision to delay your ability to control your outcome!  Call us immediately to determine which course of action is best for you.  The second step in evaluating work place conflict is to conduct neutral interviews with all of the affected employees, managers and officers to uncover the underlying causes of the conflict. Many times the focus is on the “people” involved rather than the “symptoms” and “causes”.  This leads to misdiagnosis, which prolongs the conflict instead of resolving it. Often, solutions are presented and implemented before the full underlying causation is properly identified and addressed.  This is similar to placing a “band aid” on a wound that actually needs stitches.  The band-aid will hold the wound in place for a while, but after time, the wound will become infected, more painful and burst open.  What really needs to happen is for the neutral mediator to probe the wound to better assess the depth and to then frame the correct remedy. Utilizing an experienced and trained mediator to help neutrally evaluate, diagnose and resolve work place conflict is a cost effective way of preventing conflict from escalating into administrative or legal claims.  Contact Jessica Braverman at 925 932 7011 as soon as you become aware of conflict.  For examples of how employment law mediation has assisted other companies with success please read our case studies.