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Conflict Prevention

Braverman Mediation & Consulting offers Alternative Dispute Remedies customized and tailored specifically towards preventing work place and employment conflicts that can often escalate.


Conflict Prevention & Management Training:

Braverman Mediation & Consulting offers conflict prevention and conflict management training courses for employees, managers, human resource personnel and corporate officers. The training provides practical application of key action steps to prevent conflict and to manage day-to-day work conflicts.   Training courses are offered both at the California Employment Law Training Center in Pleasant Hill or can be brought to your office location at a date and time convenient for you. Training covers conflict prevention and management training techniques and can be customized specifically for your organization or issues.  Please read our training page for complete descriptions.

Training is interactive and all participants acquire and will be able to apply new conflict management skills immediately on the job following the session. Training, Consulting and Dispute Resolution Services save you money, time and lawsuits, and improve morale. “Jessica Braverman did a fantastic job with her Conflict Management Training held at Sutter Medical. The group was thoroughly engaged by her presentation and they even applauded her when she was done. Two attendees expressed that Jessica’s training was the best training meeting that they had ever attended. Jessica is really outstanding and I highly recommend her.”

      • Rhea Johnson, Corporate & Community Relations University of Phoenix, Sacramento Valley Campus December 2006
Call 925-932-7011 for the next training class offered or to get an investment summary quote for your organization. Neutral Assessments/Evaluation of Current Processes & Procedures: Braverman Mediation & Consulting offers a variety of neutral audits and assessments of your work place processes & procedures to help prevent typical “hot spots” that may evolve into work place conflict or disputes.  By earlier detection and intervention, the work place environment is prepared to address and resolve issues and conflicts that may arise.  By being preventative, businesses save time, money, attrition and headaches. Do not let conflict escalate to devastation.

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