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Civil Mediation

Braverman Mediation & Consulting offers Alternative Dispute Remedies that help shield businesses and individuals from potentially time consuming and expensive disputes.

Mediation is one alternative dispute remedy that can be selected by litigants, attorneys and/or the courts which enables the parties in dispute to benefit from a neutral evaluator whose only function is to help facilitate an agreed upon resolution that is ultimately written down and signed by the parties. Other neutral evaluation services are also available.

Braverman Mediation & Consulting has extensive experience in conflict resolution and works closely with the courts, self-represented litigants and attorneys in providing effective resolution services on a sliding scale/fee to fit the case basis. Braverman Mediation & Consulting enables the parties to take charge of their case and, thus, control their costs and their potential exposure.

We participate in several volunteer mediation panels associated with the Superior Courts.

For Contra Costa County:
For Solan County:
For Sacramento County:
For Alameda County: call Braverman Mediation & Consulting:  925-932-7011

Braverman Mediation & Consulting partners with attorneys and law firms as a highly successful mediation specialist and experienced go-to resource for litigation support services.

Credentials of Jessica A. Braverman, Esq. – Mediator:  About Jessica Braverman.

  • Mediation/arbitration of over 1,000 cases from 1995 to Present with greater than 90% resolution success rate
  • 42 additional hours of both mediation & advance mediation training with Steven Rosenberg
  • Contra Costa County Superior Court EASE Mediation panel member (2008-Present)
  • Solano County Mediation &  Arbitration panel member (1995-Present)
  • Sacramento County Mediation & Arbitration panel member (1995-Present)
  • Napa County Mediation & Arbitration panel member (1995-Present)
  • Contra Costa County Superior Court Settlement Conference Mentor member (2009-Present)
  • Contra Costa County Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Section “ADR” Board member
  • Took and defended over 2,000 depositions in civil litigation
  • Handled trials before judge and jury in 19 counties
  • Handled both Plaintiff and Defense cases
  • Taught Contract Law, Tort Law, Business Law, and Employment Law- college/paralegal courses (1997-Present)
  • Prior House Counsel for Major Insurance Company
  • Settled numerous insurance claims and worked in SUI (Special Unit Investigation) for insurance fraud
  • Provide early intervention mediation as litigation prevention
  • Provide Conflict Prevention and Management Training programs
  • Provide Special services in Human Capital Risk Management & Development focused in workplace conflict prevention/resolution

Examples of Types of Civil Cases Handled by Braverman Mediation & Consulting:

  • Alleged Fraud Cases in Real Estate Matters
  • Alleged Rape on School Premises Cases
  • Breach of Contract/Warranty
  • Business Torts
  • Civil Assault/Battery/Emotional Distress
  • Construction Defect
  • Dog Bite/Animal Issue Cases
  • Family Member Suing Over Contracts/Issues
  • Fire/Casualty Type Cases
  • Former Business Partners Suing Each Other
  • Indemnity Issues
  • Negligent Hiring/Privacy Issues
  • Nuisance/Trespass Cases (Neighbors)
  • Personal Injury
  • Premises Liability
  • Probate/Trust Administration
  • Products Liability
  • Real Estate Cases
  • School District Liability
  • Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Cases
  • Special Investigation/Insurance Cases
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Type Cases
  • Wrongful Termination/Constructive Termination Cases

Braverman Mediation and Consulting is known for its unique way of establishing rapport with the parties, for helping to diffuse emotions associated with protracted conflicts and civil disputes, and for working with the parties to arrive at creative solutions rather than more traditional “black or white” type of resolutions.  Please read the numerous testimonials from successful mediation interventions handled by Braverman Mediation & Consulting.   Call Braverman Mediation & Consulting at 925-932-7011 for prices and availability.